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Botswana Muslim Association
First National Bank of
Botswana Limited
Gaborone Industrial Branch
Branch Code: 281667
Account Number: 62000341884

Welcome to Botswana Muslim Association

The Centre based in Gaborone, is managed by a full time Coordinator and accommodates the library, comprising of a large collection of Islamic books, which is being continuously revised and updated. We have an assorted collection of DVDs on religious talks, debates and Islamic documentaries. These are screened on TV daily for viewing by those who visit the Centre. ...


Have you lost your way

Have you lost your way in life and are searching for a way out of your misery, innate unhappiness and a way back to the natural way of life?

How do I find my way back to the One and Only True God?

Maybe a question is perplexing you

Uppermost in your mind would be the question, "Where do I begin my search?"


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